Wrapping Up Hunger

Wrapping Up Hunger™ was an idea that came forward years ago. During this time of increasing food insecurity, there is a call to action. Millie Lottie is honored to donate 15% of proceeds for the PRODUCTS in the WRAPPING UP HUNGER COLLECTION towards organizations feeding our people. Eating is a right, not a privilege. 

Currently you may choose between: 

Local to SF:

Dine11SF launched as an emergency response to the needs of San Francisco families facing food insecurity and economic disruption as a result of Covid-19. Our mission is two-fold: to provide nourishing meals to hungry San Francisco children and their parents and caregivers; to help local restaurants survive mandatory closures and limits on service. Through private donations, grants, and corporate sponsorships, we fund neighborhood restaurants to make meals for our neediest and often youngest citizens. We partner with more than a dozen community non-profits to help us distribute these meals and align with restaurants throughout the city, with a focus on businesses that are owned by women and people of color.

Food Runners SF - Alleviating hunger and preventing waste in San Francisco, Whether it is called Food Waste, Food Rescue, or Food Recovery, Food Runners is a leader in the effort to keep edible food from being discarded. Food Runners picks up excess perishable and prepared food from businesses such as restaurants, caterers, bakeries, hospitals, event planners, corporate cafeterias, and hotels and delivers it directly to neighborhood food programs.


Leah's Pantry - Envisions nourished communities and a healthy, equitable food system. Their mission is to improve the health and wellness and resilience of communities through trauma-informed nutrition security. 

Feed Black Futures (FBF)  was founded in 202 as a means to create sustainable change for food autonomy within Black communities. The organization feeds Black mamas and caregiveres impacted by parole, probation, and/or caring for incaderatd loved ones, in the greater Los Angeles area by partnering with Black & Brown owned farms and food suppliers across Southern California. FBF is committed to their mission of creating a world where Black people have access to high-quality fresh produce and the means and skills top produce it. 

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