Omnivore Books + Millie | Lottie Collaboration



Millie | Lottie and Omnivore Bookstore on Food collaborate to bring you a cookbook + Heirloom Gift Wrap. 

That special foodie in your life can add a cookbook to their collection while caring and sharing food their new Heirloom Wrap tote.

Jan + Celia

How to:

  1. Purchase an Heirloom Wrap Small or Large. Choose: Ship from Omnivore 

  2. Order a book from Omnivore Books by any method below. 

Voila: Your book will be wrapped in an Heirloom Wrap and shipped anywhere in the world. 

More about Omnivore Bookstore on Food

I live near, frequent events, and purchase books from famed  Omnivore Bookstore on Food. Celia Sack has created a store with an international reputation, written up in Saveur, The New York Times, The Financial Times, Bon Appetit, and other local and worldly PRESS. The shop carries an extensive antique and new cook book selection.