Busy Summer for Millie | Lottie

Busy Summer for Millie | Lottie

Millie | Lottie in the Hamptons with goop MRKT photos by Architectural Digest

Millie | Lottie joins goop MRKT
in the Hamptons 

We are honored to be among the stylish offerings at Gwenyth Paltrow's goop MRKT July 1 - August 20. The 20th century cottage has been reimagined by Vicky Charles of Charles & Co. and James Waterworth as an English seaside cottage with products curated for the Hampton's lifestyle. Our Eva + Etta Modern Food totes are nestled among a treasure of goods from fashion and home. Our Etta Modern Food Tote looks at home perched on the table on the right of the image.

Address: 145 Main Street, Amagansett, NY

Click to see more photos and article on Architectural Digest.


New Styles for Millie | Lottie

I am proud to announce a few additions to our line. I have been working all Spring to fill-in the gaps between our flexible Heirloom Wrap and Our high-end Eva Modern Food Tote.

Our Heirloom Wrap now comes in Large, designed for the person who always brings the 9 x 13/9 x 15 dish to the party. It comes in a  stretch-denim or in gold (yes, I love all things gold.) Our Heirloom Wrap in Small has been a popular Summer "Bread and Butter" gift for hosts.

Our new Branch Tote is our new Modern Food Tote. It is a more affordable version of the Etta. When my son asked why his name was used for the less-expensive model, I reassured him that this is considered our "every person tote."  It still has the same shape and size as the Etta but has a simplified interior and comes with or without a cutting board. The bag is made of a hardy midnight blue cotton on the exterior and waterproof rubber-lined canvas on the inside. It can be used to carry food but is soft enough to be folded up and tucked away and pulled out for the farmer's market, grocery store, soccer game or beach.

We now have a complete Millie | Lottie family....for now.


Heirloom Wrap Small
Denim or Gold
9 x 9 square, round or bowl

Beginning at $45


Heirloom Wrap Large
Denim or Gold
9 x 13 | 9 x 15
Beginning at $55
Branch Market Tote Small

Branch Modern Tote Medium
Midnight Cotton Exterior
Pink or Orange Waterproof Lining

Beginning at $100


Branch Modern Tote Ex Large
Midnight Cotton Exterior
Pink or Orange Waterproof Lining

Beginning at $120



Millie | Lottie at the Good Food Awards

Millie | Lottie at the Good Food Awards Mercantile in Brooklyn NY

Eva and I traveled East in June to attend the Good Food Awards Mercantile. It was a pleasure to be surrounded by some of the top small-batch producers of artisanal foods. We shared vendor space with San Francisco brands such as Blue Bottle Coffee and Charles Chocolates, while being introduced to countless others. A fond memory of the day was working near Cesare Casella of Casella Salumi and him delivering  his Proscuitto Speciale to me and Eva all day. If you have ever had a chance to be around him or taste his products you'd know that we were in heaven. We even went home with a few of his signature bundles of rosemary he stashes in his pockets and adorns his table with.

We look forward to working with many attendees.

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