- Jan Hammock, Design Entreprenuer


Millie | Lottie is named in honor of my family influences, my inspirations. Mildred, my mom who is no longer with us, inspired the food totes. She mastered the world of entertaining and sharing her well-loved culinary dishes around out small town in Virginia. She was practical, had style and lived her life to the fullest, surrounded by community. I grew up being branded by scorching dishes balanced on my lap. Lottie is named after my paternal Aunt Lottie Gray, a true Southerner by design and by desire. The individual products are named after my children and close family friends.

Sustainable Design, Production and Product

I produce a product that reflects how I live my life. Our home reduces waste where possible. I am conscious of how I shop for groceries, minimizing packing, carefully recycling, composting, not using plastic bags, straws or containers, and of course, carrying my market tote.

I bring this spirit to the design, production and very nature of my reusable products. All aspects of design and production carefully consider waste. I source materials in California, when I can, and use contractors, most within 2 miles of my home. Our patterns are marked on the fabric to have minimal waste. I use all my leather but a handful of scraps. The hides come from cows that were used for their meat. Waste informs my design. Left-over leather turned in to the stylish side-pulls on the Etta Tote, shorter straps on the Branch. What I do not use I donate to local artists. I am never satisfied. I am always looking for new ways to improve.

  LeatherScrapsHide          MinimalWasteMillieLottie

      All the waste from a hide                                     Minimal waste from 50 yds


Thank you for being a part of the Millie | Lottie family.

We are a purpose-driven, women-owned business. We wish to make sharing food, gathering as a community a life-style choice, while keeping manufacturing in San Francisco, U.S.A., promoting sustainable products, and giving-back to the community organizations that support nutrition education. We began design and producing products in San Francisco, California in the Fall of 2015.