Millie | Lottie offers a redesign on the traditional approach to carrying and sharing food. Our signature products are Modern Food Totes + Heirloom Wraps.


Millie | Lottie began when a the signature tote kept appearing in my dreams, both sleeping and waking. The shape and function of a tote was very clear. It became my mission to design and create a luxurious tote that reflected a modern, simple and elegant solution. I proudly offer you the totes that literally inhabited my dreams.

The love of cooking for others, sharing food and gathering as a community are my core values. A rewarding part of my life outside of work is feeding my family and sharing food with friends while building community around the dinner table. Children expanded this to a broader community; delivering meals to new mothers, bringing a dish to any school gathering; and delivering mineral broth to women going through cancer treatments. Food is the center of our family social time, our strongest relationships have been built around the table. Sharing food is essential.

I have always been a maker. In recent years I collaborated projects with my children's school: from an 8 x 10 ft wet-felted rug; a natural die class where 3rd graders made their own table cloth and napkins for a harvest dinner (which they cooked); basket-weaving; a queen-sized wool quilt decorated with stitching by kindergartners; and a sheep to sweater project which took us from a sheep farm in Bodega to the children washing, cleaning, carding, spinning and knitting with the wool at school.

My goal is to eliminate the barrier of getting you to the potluck or the picnic. I want to encourage you to gather around the table, one meal at a time. Creating Millie | Lottie is just one more step in the creative process. The dream arrived the Spring of 2015 and the fist line of products by December 2015.

 - Jan Hammock, Designer | Owner


Millie | Lottie is named in honor of my family influences, my inspirations. Mildred, my mom, inspired the food totes. She mastered the world of entertaining and sharing her well-loved culinary dishes when marriage took her to Virginia. She was practical, had style and lived her life to the fullest, surrounded by community. I grew up being branded by scorching dishes balanced on my lap. Lottie is my paternal Aunt Lottie Gray, a true Southerner by design and by desire. The individual products are named after my children and close family friends.

Thank for being a part of the Millie | Lottie family.


We are a purpose-driven, women-owned business. We wish to make sharing food, gathering as a community a life-style choice, while keeping manufacturing in San Francisco, U.S.A., promoting sustainable products, and giving-back to the community organizations that support nutrition education. We began design and producing products in San Francisco, California in the Fall of 2015.
Amos the Millie | Lottie mascot.