Go from farm to table and beyond in uniquely shaped, chic food carrying totes with light cutting board on bottom, enabling you to effortlessly carry everything from pies to Pinot and anything else you need.  Designed for food but stylish enough to carry every day. 

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Market and Picnic Tote, White with leather handle, spill proof lining and cutting board
Eva Signature Wine, Potluck & Picnic Totes
Etta Strap Market, Potluck & Picnic Totes
Branch Simplified, Everyman Tote

Share food in style

Locally produced in San Francisco by mom, home cook and design entrepreneur Jan Hammock, this line of original food carrying totes, wraps and housewares designed for fashionable modern cooks, farmer's market goers, and anyone who wants to carry and share food in style. 

“My brand’s sustainability carries over into the lifestyle we support — local farmers and markets, using the best local ingredients, cooking and sharing good food with others around the table or outside. My products do not stand alone, they are part of a dialogue that builds community.”

- Jan, OWNER

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Milie Lottie is a sustainable brand. Sustainability informs my personal food choices, design decisions, production process and the very nature of my reusable products. I consciously source materials in the U.S.; work with team members within two miles from my studio; and cut fabric and leather for minimal waste.

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Object of Desire: Multipurpose Insulated Picnic Totes by Millie Lottie - they are multipurpose and not just for picnics (take the cutting board out and use it as a market bag, beach bag, overnight bag, or in my case, a sports bag)

Fan WinstonRemodelista Editor

I stepped up my bag game when I found Millie Lottie bags. Made of durable canvas, a scorch-proof:wipeable lining, they are perfect for carrying a hot-out-of-the-oven casserole to Thanksgiving dinner, bringing appetizers to the Hollywood Bowl or a picnic lunch on the beach. They come with a beautiful cutting board that fits perfectly into the bottom and is great for stability, elastic pockets for wine bottles or salad dressing. My favorite part is that they are stylish and made in San Francisco by a women-run company.

Pamela SalzmanHolistic Health Counselor, Author Kitchen Matters, Cooking Class Guru

“My Millie Lottie tote makes an ideal beach bag since it has an insulated liner along the bottom that helps keep foods and drinks cold and protects the bag from wet towels and suits.

Katie MorfordDietitian, Cookbook Author, Mom's Kitchen Handbook Blog

Client Testimonials

This amazing insulated tote from @millielottietotes holds a 9x13 inch pan, say full of lemon bars.

Melissa Clark's InstagramNYTimes Food Editor

I am so loving my tote and have gifted two other's in the past month...beauty and function co-existing while supporting strong women and entrepreneurship in the contest of sharing a meal. BOOM! What a powerful and practical partnership.

UnsolicitedMillie Lottie Client

I use mine all the time. I've had it six years and its like I just bought it. Strong simple design that is aesthetic and practical and has never let me down.


Tools of the Trade

“I love branding my totes—it signifies they are ready to leave me and go out into the world and begin carrying and sharing food. I remember the first set of totes I branded: I practiced so many times prior to setting the iron on each finished tote. When I first felt the iron making its way in to the leather, leaving its mark, I was hooked. Seeing the name on the products is the final step in production and it’s as if my mother Mildred and Aunt Lottie have given their final approval. My family made jokes they were all ready for their ‘Millie | Lottie’ tattoo.”



Smoked Sardines

Smoked Sardines

Learn how to SMOKE SARDINES with a stove-top cooker with January Hammock. When it's fresh sardine season, bring the flavor in to your kitchen. It's easy to smoke fish and it's always better when it's home made.

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Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake

I recently posted about a STRAWBERRY CAKE made from my mother's recipe box that created quite a flurry of DM's, messages, emails and even phone calls asking for the recipe. This dessert is pink, ultra sweet and full of smiles with every bite, one that would brighten any Valentine's Day table.

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Some Plum Life

Some Plum Life

"Mom and her plums," is the phrase I've heard uttered more than once over the week.I love plums, esp little Italian and French plums that have ripened on the tree. Having a harvest this year is a highlight of my Spring. In the 20 years living in my home, our plum has only born fruit one other time. Spending more time in my urban back...

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Ramen Project

Ramen Project

My daughter and I decided it was time for a sheltering project. We decided to make a Chicken Paitan Ramen. The recipe was 7 pages including the broth, schmaltz, seasoning and meatballs. (This link take you to lots of casual ramen-process videos in my Instagram stories @millielottietotes)

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