Millie Lottie Eva Signature Food & Picnic Tote, Medium

Modern Food + Picnic Totes

 Go from farm to table and beyond in stylish and uniquely shaped  Millie | Lottie food market & picnic totes (TM). These chic bags include our trademarked light cutting board on bottom, enabling you to effortlessly carry everything from pies to Pinot, along with room for anything else you need.  Locally produced in San Francisco by mom and design entrepreneur Jan Hammock, this line of luxurious bags and wraps is designed for fashionable modern moms, good cooks, and anyone who wants to share food in style. 

Designed to carry food but stylish enough to carry every day. Your one tote.

Millie | Lottie donates a portion of every tote sold to a non-profits that provides nutrition education in under-served communities in San Francisco and California.

Designed by a cook, mom and maker.

Jan Hammock of Millie Lottie

Bringing you the totes of my dreams

Personalized Customer Care

My totes were tested in many kitchens during the design phase and extensive interviews conducted on what people carry.  I can personally guide you to your one tote. 

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Our Eva Signature Food & Picnic Tote is our luxurious picnic, market or potluck totes with our signature leather handle and a detachable easy grip handle. Made from two layers of thick canvas with a third layer of a wipeable/thermal lining; storage pocket; and a strap for wine bottles. Option: with or without cutting board. Sizes: MEDIUM or LARGE, Colors: BLACK or MEDIUM
Our Etta Food & Picnic Tote is our classic long strap picnic, market or potluck totes. Made from two layers of thick canvas with a third layer of a wipeable/thermal lining; decorative side pulls. Features: storage pocket; and a strap for wine bottles. Option: with or without a cutting board. Style 1: ETTA STRAP in sizes: MEDIUM or XLARGE Colors: BLACK or NATURAL.
Branch Food & Picnic Tote is our "every person" tote, a more affordable version of the Etta + Eva. Made from 2 layers of material; and a 1" leather mid-length strap, perfect carrying by your side or over your shoulder; and a wine strap. Options: with or without cutting board. Add Thermal Lining for extra cost. Sizes: MEDIUM or LARGE. Color: NATURAL
Our Heirloom Wraps are inspired by the tea towels of Europe and the South and the Japanese Furoshiki. They are flexible in their structure and in their use. They can carry a lunch, a side-dish or main dish bowl, roasting pan or even serve as a veggie bag at the grocery store. Option: comes with or without a cutting board. Sizes: SMALL 9 x 9 or LARGE 9 x 13. Colors: DENIM or Limited Edition Lime or Strawberry


This amazing insulated tote from @millielottietotes holds a 9x13 inch pan, say full of lemon bars.

Melissa Clark's InstagramNYTimes Food Editor

When we saw your bags at a local show, we immediately knew they would make a perfect wedding gift and we were lucky enough to need one right away! The Newlyweds loved it so much, they used it the day after receiving it in the mail. And since seeing you, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them and have put one on my personal gift list!

StephanieMillie | Lottie Client

Love my @millielottietotes sx-large Etta Tote for delicate produce. The cutting board on the bottom keeps everything straight and I love supporting local women-run business that also manufacture in San Francisco.

TammyMillie | Lottie Client

Local Production

I am proud to be a part of SFMade and Bay Area Made, joining other makers committed to keeping the vibrant manufacturing industry alive in San Francisco.

An essential part of my team is my sewer. She used to have a factory, then down-sized to a store front, and currently  works in a storeroom in the back of a shop. This year, I added more manufacturing steps in-house after loosing a contractor who lost  his space to the current real estate market, after being in business since 1948. 

I feel strongly that the fabric of our city needs diversity of industry. 

Millie | Lottie happy to be a Food52 Maker

It's Summer

Millie | Lottie is ready to get you to the table, picnic, pot luck and farmer's market.


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Modern Food & Picnic Totes

Millie | Lottie may just be your ONE tote

The Heirloom Wrap Small

with or w/out cutting board, this wrap is flexible to carry oh so much