New Years Day Teen Tea

New Years Day Teen Tea

After a busy end of the year with shows and shipping totes across the US + Canada, I settled in to a very quiet holiday season. My propensity to over-schedule with meals and gatherings mirrors my vision the season. My family had other designs for the break, so we took it down a notch, and instead I created an atmosphere of relaxation, while keeping key traditions in place.

We receive several boxes of pears every year and this year a rogue box of ripened fruit was discovered under the tree. Today I turned ripe pears in to Mom's Skillet Pear Cake from Bi-Rite Market,s Eat Good Food Cookbook. While the cake was in the oven, I  invited the group of teen girls waking up from a New Year's sleepover for an impromptu tea party.. Watching a group of girls (plus my son) enjoying cake and serving tea while cozy in their sweatpants, was a warm sight. Every time a group of children gathers here, it makes me want them all as my children. The tea turned in to a day relaxing on the sofa watching movies. I just got word while writing this post, they don't want the day to end so another mom is sending over a batch of Mac 'n Cheese for their dinner, I'll make a salad; anything to keep the party going. While this has not been a New Years Day tradition in the past, I can see it forming in to one in future years. 

Here is to a year of cakes and tea with friends gathered around the table. 

 pear skillet cake on table near christmas tree

Mom's Skillet Pear Cake by Sam of BiRite Market

Teens relax and enjoy tea

table set for tea


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