Your Millie | Lottie Modern Food Tote will arrive folded. Giving it a little press with an iron on the steam setting will re-crisp its appearance.


General Care:                


Our food totes come with a wipeable lining, wipe with a soapy, damp cloth. Drip-dry. I use Dr. Bronner's, a natural detergent,which does not leave any stains when dried. 


Black canvas totes: to remove lint with damp cloth. For deeper cleaning, use a soapy solution to wipe and rinse. Drip-dry.

Natural canvas: spot clean with diluted detergent, rub and rinse. Keep doing until clean. For a deeper clean, separate the two layers of canvas and soak in a solution and rinse well. Drip-dry.

I chose not to, however you can adda water resistant sealant to the canvas if you wish. 


The soft leather is oil-dyed. Can stain natural canvas if wet. Remove spot clean with diluted detergent. Keep doing until it is clean. Option for sealing the leather - Resoline, this will darken the leather, add a shine and be stiff at first but will slowly soften, not to the orginal softness however.